A Lapse in Time – 2012 Time Lapse Showreel of Rory Allen


A Lapse in Time – 2012 Time Lapse Showreel of Rory Allen from Rory on Vimeo.

Please click the HD button and pop it out in fullscreen.

This is a collection of time lapses shot over 2011/2012. Most of them are based in Cape Town but a few are from London too.

Majority of the time lapses in this showreel are available in any required format for licensing (HD, 2K, 4K ). If you are interest in using any of them please drop me a message.

Dyanmic Perception Stage Zero Dolly
Konova K3 and K5 dollies
Canon 5dmkII
Canon 60d
Sigma 14mm f2.8
Canon 17-40mm
Canon 24-70mm f2.8
Carl Zeiss 35mm
Manfrotto Tripod

Bernini's Angels Original Orchestral Version – Kerry Muzzey ( http://www.themusicbed.com/ )



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