Neither would I.


Κάποιος είδε κάποτε την μητέρα Τερέζα να καθαρίζει τις πληγές ένος λεπρού και είπε, «Δεν θα το έκανα αυτό ούτε για 1 εκατομύριο δολάρια» η Μητέρα Τερέζα απάντησε, «Ούτε και εγώ»…

The Reiki Blog

A man once saw Mother Teresa cleaning the wounds of a leper and said, «I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars.» Mother Teresa replied, «Neither would I.»

Obviously, it’s pure-hearted love—as Mother Teresa said, the ability to see in even the most extreme case of human decay and suffering, «Christ in His distressing disguise»—that enables us to carry on our healing work. Like Mother Teresa, those of us who follow the Reiki Way are bound to put our healing hands down on the beautiful and hideous, the revolting and the pleasant, the extremely, horribly, or terminally ill and those who’d simply like a relaxing treatment, alike. The key is to see that every one of them is us, and we are every one of them.

Milton Carrero, who quoted Mother Teresa in his blog for our local paper, the Allentown, PA Morning Call, said something that’s worth repeating here:…

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