QUESTION: Does Detachment and Observation mean sit back and do nothing….isn’t that submissive apathy ~ being non productive?

ANSWER: Detachment and Observation does not mean sit back and do nothing…….Detachment and Observation require us to stay grounded, aligned with our higher wisdom, so we can RESPOND from our wisdom body NOT react from our emotional body. When we stay detached we don’t become defensive and explosive ~ which will open the energy field and allow others to «attach» energetic cords to us, which hooks us into the chaos and drama of 3D duality. When we stay grounded, with our energy field in tact… one can hook into us, and we are able to observe the situation from the higher perspective of «our» energy field ~ not the chaos and confusion of «their» energy… in our field. When we are fully aligned and self contained in OUR OWN energy we can address the situation from a place of power in a grounded, loving yet firm way.


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